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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Imaginary Creatures
in Acrostic poems…

Mermaids! They are friends with dolphins.                   
Everybody can believe in them.
Roses! Mermaids are sensitive like roses.
Many mermaids can be our friends.
Ariel is the most famous mermaid.
Is she the most beautiful creature in the world? 
Don’t be afraid, mermaids are very friendly creatures!

Dangerous  dragons breathe fire !  
Roars are really loud!
A  dragon has a big tail and a big mouth.
Goes to kidnap the princess.
Oh no! A scary dragon!
No dragon can be wingless.  
Some dragons will eat you!
                                                     Georgia M.


Waiting for the coming moon.
Earthly beasts will be stalking soon.
Resurrecting on each full moon. 
Eyes are red like fire.
Wicked changelings begin to bay.
On the hunt for their next prey
Lycanthropes transform them howl.
Fangs and claws are on the prowl




Dragons are strong                                    
Rather funny and good-hearted
All the people are scared with monsters
Giants and other scary creatures are monsters
Oh no! A monster!
Nothing else is so scary
Sometimes they are good .

Fairytales, talking about fairies.                    
A man saw them hiding into the woods.
I believe in them.
Reindeers,wolves,rabbits all animals love fairies.
Eilyrya is their queen.
Imagine if they lived with us.
Sh,sh, don’t  shout  if you see them
                                    Georgia A.


Ghosts are scary and mysterious 
Hideous monsters!
Oh! No! Look the ghosts!
Sprites are cunning and naughty!
Tinkerbell is α beautiful fairy.

Unicorn by Rania Sarri on Scribd


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